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Measure twice, pour once.

Preparation of 1 serving in bottle

  • Add approx. 1/3 KUASA of pouch content (+/- 10 tbsp)
  • Add twice the KUASA volume of water, close and shake
  • Your KUASA is ready

Preparation of 1 serving in blender

  • Add 1/3 KUASA pouch content (+/- 10 tbsp)
  • Add twice the volume of water, close and mix
  • Your KUASA is ready


10x  spoon   +  water   =    1 portion (800 kcal)  

You can add fruits like banana, strawberry
or try honey to boost the flavor. It’s up to you.


Frequently asked questions.

Judge someone by one’s Questions

instead of one’s answers. – Voltaire

Is KUASA suitable for dieting?

Thanks to our body type specific formulas it is very suitable. Do you want to lose weight, gain muscles? Do you have to follow a diet? KUASA is the answer!

How to use KUASA?

Giving your body everything it needs is easy with KUASA . You don't need to think about the ingredients, finding and buying high quality products, cooking and washing dirty dishes.
It's perfect on the road, or when you head for the gym right after work. Going hardcore camping? All you need more is water.

Who is KUASA recomended for?

KUASA is for everyone who follows healthy food lifestyle. Choose KUASA, if you like to have control over amount of daily food intake, ingredients and the impact on your health and body.

Can KUASA be consumed by children (under 18 years old)?

KUASA , with all her nutrients is primarily recommended to be consumed by adults. Before consumed by children, please consult with their physician.

Is KUASA vegan?


KUASA has high quality whey protein. We are working on new products, so sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

Use with diabetes, illnesses and other medical conditions

If you have any medical conditions or restrictions, please consult your doctor before consuming KUASA

Can I order 1 bag of Kuasa just to try it?

No, because of technical and logistical reasons the smallest package you can order is 7 days of KUASA. We recommend ordering together with your friends and sharing the package.

How does Kuasa taste? What about allergens?

Kuasa is of creamy consistency and it's taste is neutral, it can be compared to subtly sweet oatmeal porridge. You can modify it's taste by blending it with fruit or coffee. It contains gluten, soy and a relatively small amount of lactose. Whether you can have Kuasa depends on your level of intolerance.

Is Kuasa suitable for pregnant women? What about children?

Before consuming Kuasa  while pregnant or breastfeeding consult your doctor. This also applies to children. Kuasa of course contains folic acid (see vitamin B9 in the ingredients) Kuasa is primarily focused on adults, that is why the composition of all nutrients is adapted to adult needs.

Is Kuasa GMO free?

Yes, Kuasa is GMO free and always will be. All our ingredients are certifiably GMO free. We will always be selective in our choice of ingredients and partners, so you will always have the best possible quality of nutrition.