Healthy Meal Replacement Protein Shakes


Kuasa is a leading meal replacement supplement brand providing a customized meal solution that your body requires. With a busy lifestyle and hectic schedule more and more people are skipping their meals for a quick made alternative. We aim to replace those unhealthy quick-fixes with the best and healthy alternative.

Kuasa provides best meal replacement shakes online that combines all the protein, calcium and important vitamin and minerals that your body needs.

Best meal replacement shakes to go

Don’t have time to cook breakfast? Too tired to cook dinner after work? If these are some of the reasons you are not eating a good meal at least once a day, our meal replacement shakes provides the perfect solution. The shakes are easy to make and can be taken while on the way to the office. Get the required nutrients you need without spending more than 2 minutes on preparation.

When it comes to our shakes, they have full advantage over full meals. They are easy to take with you, quick to drink and simple to prepare. When you are travelling or in rush, our shakes full of protein will take care of all your nutrients requirements.

Complete Health package

Kuasa meal replacement protein shakes are specifically formulated for healthy dietary options. It is also one of the best meal replacement shakes for a weight loss diet programme. Rich and creamy, Kuasa protein shakes will keep you satisfied throughout the day. It is easier to control calorie intake when you feel fuller and not deprived. Kuasa meal replacement shakes are one of the best ways to start your daily diet.

Our meal replacement powder and shakes contain Whey 80, a premium quality whey protein concentrate.  With at least 82% protein, it is easily digested and widely used for preparing advanced products.  All the ingredients have been lab tested and are GMO free.

Buy the Best meal replacement shakes Online    

Buy your daily dose of healthy nutrients with Kuasa meal replacement shakes online. You can order your shakes based on your body type – Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. Get your shakes delivered at your door steps with our fast delivery service. Free delivery possible!

Start eating healthy now. Email us for any enquiry.