Body Type

There are three general categories of Male & Female body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Your body type can also provide information about how you respond to food intake and your hormonal and sympathetic nervous system (SNS) characteristics. These factors can be linked to metabolic differences between individuals, and influence how you respond to diet and training. Understanding your body type will help you to successfully plan your training and diet habits. Understanding your body type helps adjust nutrient intake to maximize fitness composition and health related goals.

Keep in mind though that a body type does not mean you can not change your physical appearance for better or worse! One person can look endomorph while born a ectomorph. We believe that using these body types is just easier to guide people in their quest for better health.

Most people are a mix of the 3 characteristics. Training along with good nutrition can completely change the appearance of one’s body. Depending on your body type, your carb tolerance is different and your strategy should be different. An ectomorph has the highest carb tolerance of the three. That does not mean sugar and other fast carbs are healthy for them. As always, slow carbs are better for the blood sugar levels.

Looking at the characteristics below, you might not recognize all of them. In that case the easiest rule is: less carbs means greater chance on fat loss. It does not matter whether you are an ectomorph or mesomorph, if you like to lose some fat, it is best to cut on carbs. In that case you choose our ‘endomorph’ packs.

Nutrition (combined with activities) is something complex which takes years to study. Even the best universities don’t have all the answers. We are not going to claim to have them all either. But we can make an effort to help you in your journey to learn more about your specific nutritional needs.

Feel free to contact us for tips to reach your goals.

ectomorph body type

Ectomorph characteristics

  • Small joints
  • Skinny appearance
  • Hyperactive
  • Fast metabolism
  • Can eat whatever they want
  • Get full easily
  • Small chest and buttocks
  • Difficulty building muscle
  • Difficulty gaining weight
  • Low body fat
  • Narrow frame (“pencil frame”)

Ectomorphs are build lean. You will not gain weight (fat or muscle) easily. This formula has the highest level of carbs. Your metabolism can be high, but that does not mean you can eat all the carbs you like. There is still the chance one can store visceral fat around the organs, which is more dangerous than ‘visible’ fat around the muscles. Most of our carbs are categorized as slow carbs. Advantages are: sustained energy throughout the day, little spikes in bloodsugar levels.
If you are a mesomorph who does endurance trainings, this formula is suitable as well.
The ectomorph formula is based on the FDA guidelines. Use this formula when your bodyfat is below 12%.

mesomorph body type

Mesomorph characteristics

  • Symmetrical build
  • Wide shoulders
  • Small waist
  • Low body fat
  • Large musculature
  • Seems to put on muscle easily
  • Seems to burn fat easily
  • Eats in moderation

The mesomorphs combine the good qualities of the other body types. They have broad shoulders and gain muscle easily (like endomorphs). And they have a lower fat percentage and higher metabolism (like the ectomorphs).
This formula is created for the active type. Main workouts are in the gym. Bodyfat is between 10 – 20%. There is plenty of protein for recovery and growth.

endomorph body type

Endomorph characteristics

  • Large amount of fat accumulation
  • Often fatigue easily
  • Insatiable appetite
  • Try various diet and exercise programs to failure
  • Cannot seem to drop weight
  • Low muscle definition due to adipose tissue
  • Larger frame

An endomorph body type has a tendency of gaining weight (fat and muscle).You have to be careful on your carb intake because this will be stored in fat easily. Weightlifting however results in muscle faster than other body types. And muscles are the key to fat burning. This formula therefore has the least carbs and highest fat ratio. There is plenty of protein for your body to recover from training too.
If you are not a natural endomorph but still have some extra pounds, this formula will help you to lose fat. Of course this only works if all your meals are low carb.
Especially use this formula with bodyfat over 20%.

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