About Kuasa

As a team, we combine knowledge of food and lifestyle coaching in one. We believe there is a need for customized nutrition. There is not one perfect way of nurturing your body. That’s why we created Kuasa, to meet those specific needs.

We also know that changing your diet takes more than a grocery list. You need the proper knowledge and mindset. So we will share far more than technical aspects of food.

Our mission is to create awareness of the importance of nutrition for our mental and physical health. We do that by developing products that are produced as sustainable as possible. 

Changing habits is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why we have chosen the concept of powdered foods. The convenience of portability and ease of preparation will rule out excuses for a healthy lifestyle.

We are eager to learn. So we invite you to contact us to share your knowledge, as we share ours. Together we can take care better of ourselves and of this earth.