The importance of intestines

Our intestines are also called our second brain. That’s because it has a whole ecosystem of microbes – when it’s healthy. A lot of diseases are caused by disbalance in the intestines. Besides digestive problems and skin diseases, our mood can be greatly affected. Too much processed food, sugars, antibiotics and trans fats will have a negative effect on the intestines. And don’t forget stress. We call it the second brain because they communicate in a two-way street.
To maintain our health, we need to maintain the microbes in our body. That means we need to feed them with proper ingredients. That’s why we use inulins, which serves as prebiotics. It can’t hurt to use probiotics now and then either.
If you regularly experience health problems, have a look at your diet and stresslevels. Cut back on meat and dairy products. A plant based diet usually enhances digestion. And lastly, start moving! Regular exercise stimulates the intestines to do their job better.
Do you think vegetarian food is boring? Look up Otto Lenghi, you won’t miss meat that much.

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