What makes you gain fat?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that fat makes you fat! Yes, it can make you fat, but it usually is not the main problem. Most of us lead sedentary lives. That means we are very inactive because we move too little. Most of us don’t even move more than half an hour per day, which is the minimum activity for a healthy body.

And there is the problem. Our body burns mostly fat while in resting mode. It’s when we are really active at a higher heartrate, when we burn carbohydrates. Combine a inactive lifestyle with high carb intake, and voila, you gain fat.

Unfortunately, carbs are everywhere (hidden) in food. Even in pastasauce. Watch the video below.

So when you want to loose fat, do not fear fat, but avoid fast carbs like added sugar! That’s why we developed the endomorph formula. Use this to lower carb intake. Be aware though, that you only loose fat if your overall calorie intake is lower than your needs. So, if you eat too much protein and fat, you still gain weight. Luckily your appetite is fulfilled faster with the latter.

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